Mystic Messenger – Emails: Characters

Hey~ This email guide will refer to the ones you receive in your inbox from the characters! A lot of these probably won’t be in order because I’m clumsy and I mess everything up and- *ahem* Here’s some information about these emails:

  • For these emails:
    • Your answer can potentially give someone else hearts (though this tends to happen more when you’re on a particular character’s route)
    • It’s either you get a heart, or don’t get a heart.
  • Some messages won’t be received unless you choose specific options in a conversation (If I’m wrong, please correct me)
  • Some of your messages will differ depending on if you missed the conversation or not.

Currently, there is a known error that after Day 4 on anyone’s route, sometimes you can’t answer the private messages. It only occurs on some devices, and Cheritz is currently working on this error!

Here are the emails I’ve received so far (I’ll try to add when you receive them – if I remember lololol):


I already texted others.
Thanks for telling me 🙂 (+1 Jaehee)

I think I understand better thanks to you 🙂 (+1 Jaehee)
Hmm.. I’m not sure yet.

I understand. I admire how you are devoted as a can! (+1 Jaehee)
Yeah, of course.

I went into the wrong chat room and dissed someone who was there. I didn’t get the heart for this one, so I assume the 2nd option does? Can someone confirm?
I have to tell you. Jaehee keeps texting me about you and how you… lolololol I got you just now, right? (+1 Jaehee ??)

It’s still not too late! You can talk to me and look for something different! (+1 Jaehee ??)
I think you’ve managed to achieve your goal of getting a job. Didn’t get heart.

I want to lick Zen’s abs. omgomg (+1 JaeheeI am amazed.
I thought you didn’t want me to say anything inappropriate?

I’m starting to feel interested. This is a secret between us, okay?
No! I just want to watch him from afar… support him… and those muscles… omg! (+1 Jaehee) …What.

That’s great, Jaehee! I’m happy for you! (+1 Jaehee)
Finally she’ll return to her owner’s arms.


Okay. Let’s talk often 🙂
Let’s talk about some personal stuff. (+1 ZenLet’s get real personal bub 😉 *wink wink*

I think so too, I want us to get closer! (+1 Zen)
I look forward to getting to know you, Zen.

You want to see a photo of me right? Right? (+1 Zen)
A photo of Jumin?

I’m your devil! 🙂 I have to heal you~ (+1 Zen)
It’s a bit uncomfortable talking privately like this.

You’re the only guy in my world, Zen!!! (+1 Zen) *bleghhhh* totally not cheesy
I think you need to rehearse more.

You mean I feel like an outsider?
Do you think we’ll have a deeper relationship? (+1 Zen)

I like talking about cats.
How about this cat? Meow! (+1 Zen…I didn’t want to pick this. I really didn’t.

Such a man…! I’ll be beside you! (+1 ZenBye. Just… no.
I think it’s too hard for you to pull off.

I’ll give you all the reactions you want! ^0^ (+1 Zen)

You have Jaeh… I mean, a scary gatekeeper.
I’m sure you can find someone soon! I guarantee it~ (+1 Zen)


I’ll try my best 🙂 (+1 Yoosoung)
I’m your fate. You don’t have any rights to refuse. – wtf is that response. Seriously.

Did you say something wrong? I don’t remember but I’ll think about it again! (+1 Yoosoung)
I didn’t take it the wrong way, my wolf lol  – I loved this conversation.

I saw your photo of your breakfast so I ate too 🙂 (+1 Yoosoung)
I didn’t yet.

But she doesn’t know the fun in cooking~
But actual food is better than cat food (+1 Yoosoung)

I did. Thanks for being so nice 🙂 (+1 Yoosoung)
I don’t really feel like it.

Cheer up, Yoosoung. (+1 Yoosoung)
Just play LOLOL and forget about everything.

I don’t mind! Let’s work to make this party great 🙂 (+1 Yoosoung)
Rika does bother me a bit.. But I’ll try.

I guess they all have their own reasons.
I understand how you feel. (+1 Yoosoung)

Don’t do it this time.
I hope you get it! Good luck! (+1 Yoosoung)

Don’t say that. I’ll wake you up with a kiss!!! (+1 Yoosoung)
You might have to be in bed for a long time, so clean up beforehand. LOLOLOLOL priceless.

Don’t worry about me 🙂 I’m more worried about you actually. (+1 Yoosoung)
I’m a bit worried to be honest. I think V’s being irresponsible too. Don’t say that to my V baby. (눈_눈)

Continue reporting to me asap 🙂 (+1 Yoosoung)
Nice! But you don’t have to tell me every time you win 🙂


I want to talk to V myself!
Lets✩partayyyy✩tonight! (You don’t receive a heart for either response in this one)

He really hates you now… (I think this one occurs if you miss the ‘Seven Mocks Yoosung’ conversation – (please correct me if I’m wrong)
Nice dude! Haven’t had this much fun in a while lolol (+1 707)

I feel so bad for him… I just want to tell him it’s a lie. (This should occur if you did not miss the ‘Seven Mocks Yoosung’ conversation)
He totally fell for it! Just continue it! (+1 707)

I feel bad messing with someone so innocent…
High five! It was so fun lol (+1 707)


I think so too Jumin (+1 Jumin)
Not really.

She doesn’t like cats. You shouldn’t force her…
I bet I can collect every single strand! (+1 Jumin)

Nice Jumin meow! (+1 JuminHoly shit this conversation tilted me so hard tbh LOL
Don’t be too mean to him~

I’m on Jaehee’s side~ She’s a princess to you, but a total mischief in front of her. (+1 Jaehee??Can someone confirm?
Prince Seven wants to meet Princess Elizabeth too! No heart for this one.




91 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Emails: Characters

  1. What does Jaehee say after i choose “I have to tell you. Jaehee keeps texting me about you and how you… lolololol I got you just now, right?”
    I got a game glitch and i always never get a reply to that when i choose that option T_T 😥


    • Sorry it’s been .. a very long while since I’ve played that game, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere atm.

      I’m 60% sure that she says something along the lines of “please don’t scare me like that” or something similar to it.

      Also if you aren’t getting any replies to your messages/receiving anymore messages you might want to send Cheritz an email about it :c

      Sorry for not being able to help very well T.T I’ve yet to go back to MM to finish the walkthrough (since I finished the game already and just need to redo everything ^^;)


  2. For Yoosung both I’ll try my best and You have no right to refuse give him hearts.
    Also the wolf text changes depending on which response you choose to his attempt at being a wolf(choices A/B):
    A) What’s a wolf? ^^
    →I didn’t take it the wrong way, my wolf lol
    →Did you say something wrong? I don’t remember but I’ll think about it again! (♥Yoosung)

    B) I’m gonna eat you up RAWR
    →I keep wanting to tease you lololol Why is that? (♥Yoosung)
    →I was joking with you haha. Don’t mind it too much.


  3. Hi!!! in Jaehee conversation:
    —–>went into the wrong chat room and dissed someone who was there.
    ——>I have to tell you. Jaehee keeps texting me about you and how you… lolololol I got you just now, right? (+1 Jaehee ??) ( ❤ )

    The second one give me a heart, sorry for my bad english is not my first language


  4. On Jaehee’s text “I have to tell you. Jaehee keeps texting me about you and how you… lolololol I got you just now, right?” I confirm I got a heart for it but also a glitch that doesn’t show the text when I go opening the message box. I saw the message and heart on my screen for a second though, before it got glitched.


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