Mystic Messenger – Emails: Party Guests✩

Hello~ This email guide will refer to the emails you need to reply to your potential guests! Just a few things you need to know about these emails:

  • You must reply a total of 3 times before they will accept you – if you get all three of your responses correct.
  • A green arrow means that you have picked a favourable answer, and they will send a response back to you some time later.
  • An orange arrow (I don’t know if this is right) means that you’ve selected the wrong answer – and you will fail your attempt at inviting your guest!

Whichever answer has the ‘♥’ symbol means that it is the correct answer.

CTRL+F to find the name of the party guest you are looking for 🙂

A big thank you to the following people for helping me with the guide! Thanks to you all, I’m very close to finishing this guide completely 🙂

  • dollssoulkirie 
  • Jay 
  • Kimchi 
  • GhostThane 
  • Jessie 
  • Rev (Reviell)

…and others!

Here are the answers for the emails:

1. ~Rui (@rui)

It’s an extravagant and elegant party. ♥
It’s a lovely and cute party.

Olymbus X20 ♥
Sonya CP160

I recommend the Olymbus X20
I recommend the heavy professional Ganon camera. ♥

2. ~Romance Novel Company (@romance)

Of course. ♥

Jane and John
Your One and Only Top Star ♥

Kiss! ♥
A hug.

3. ~LOLOL Association (@lolol)

Dia ♥
I’m a noob…

Of course lol ♥

Play LOLOL together. ♥
Stop playing and take the call. Lmao, what every girl wants their boyfriend to do, amirite? :’)

4. ~Cultured Citizens Organisation (@culture)

Borborry~ ♥
FOREVER 27! I really wanted to choose this, because Jumin’s age is 27… LOL

It is Verragamo ♥
I don’t know…

Swamped with couples.
Flower bed of pretty boys. ♥

5. ~Lady of Bracelets Maker (@bracelet)

Don’t worry! ♥
Not sure about bracelets…

Lock U Up Silver Bracelet ♥
Shiny gold bracelet

Claw machines at the mall ♥
Flea market.

6. ~Meteor Study Club (@star)

I calculate the star’s life span.
Memories of my first kiss✩ ♥

I want to eat it! ♥
I calculate the harvest calendar!

I have to make a wish! ♥
I calculate whether or not I can go pick up the meteor!

7. ~Women Artists (@artwomen)

Van Gogh
Monet ♥

The Louvre ♥
Metropolitan Musuem


8. ~Barista Association (@barista)

Arabica coffee! ♥
Robusta coffee

Drip brewing ♥

Italian ♥

9. ~Modeling Agency Representative (@model)

Of course. ♥
A lot of women will be there.

The chance to discover a gem! ♥
Don’t look forward to it.

That’s not possible for anyone but Zen~
Your face reflected on thy eyes~ ♥

10. ~Oil Prince … (@oil)

Oil truck? lololol are you showing off?
Fancy party! Lots of parking space! ♥

Of course! ♥
Of course not.

Bald. ♥
Credit delinquent.

11. ~TOEIC  (@toeic)

Filled with big feet!
Everyone has small feet! ♥

Chinese ♥

Nimtendo ♥
TOEFL practice book

12. ~Youngest College Students (@education)

There’s this person called Yoosung.
There’s this person called Jaehee… ♥

Games that give soda as prizes ♥
You don’t need to know.

Because you’re a baby.
It’s because you’re too smart. ♥

13. ~Lady of the Work…baskets? (@niddle)

Green ♥

Sewing machine
Long enough to do it with my eyes closed ♥

Use a sewing thread
Try to get a camel through a needle eye ♥

14. ~Drop the Beat~ (@tradition)

Cause, I’m slim lady, yes I’m the real lady, all you other slim ladies are just malnourished.
Whoopee~~ Beat the drums~~ ♥


Oh my dear sun~~ Lay your passion upon us~~ ♥
Ohmydearsun. Layyourpassionuponus.

15. ~LOLOL Guild Officer (@lololguilde)

Karaoke mic
Headset ♥

Christmas Tree
Focus on balance. ♥

Blood Dragon ♥
J Beaver

16. ~Homeless Rescue Team (@homeless)

Lots of people with warm hearts! ♥
Don’t mess up the party.

Chicken nugget combo?
Rice, soup, green salad, baked salmon, fried eggs. ♥

Selling random stuff in the subway
Selling Small Issue Magazine ♥

17. ~LOLOL Championship Host – (@creamroll)

The rock band Image Mythical Creatures ♥
A quiet, melodic song.

Limited edition title change ticket. ♥
110cm tall doll.

99 tickets for weapon enhancing.
Create a banner of the winner. ♥

18. ~Golf Company (@golf)

Driver shape ♥

Rocket shoes
Shoes that dries fast ♥

Dragon leather
Leather that doesn’t wear out ♥

19. ~Doctors with Conscience (@hospital)

Hippocratic oath ♥
Schweitzer oath

Just trust the doctors and leave it to them.
Request exam results. ♥

Comparing hospitals ♥
Big hospital near your house.

20. ~Commercial Musical Supporters (@musical)

Zen ♥

Zen is good as he is.
This production of “The Red Pepper Was So Hot” ♥

Get the help of college students. ♥
Ask an acquaintance who works in theater.

21. ~Indies Independent Games Organisation (@indie)

How about Scheam? ♥

Nameless ♥

Install it on a computer at an elementary school.
Why don’t you participate in a game convention? ♥

22. ~Floppy Disk Collector (Assisted by Kimchi) (@floppy)

Magnet bracelet
A rainbow coloured floppy disk model ♥

Windows 8.1 3711 disks ♥
It’s only in my memories.

Break his walkman!
Obtain a limited edition cassette and hide it! ♥

23. ~Assistant Human Rights Committee (@secretary)

He is very practical. ♥
Evil slave owner.

More than enough. ♥
A cat instead of a bonus…

Animal onesie.
Just your normal attire. ♥

24. ~Cherry Farm (@cherryfarm)

Green ♥

Poke it with a straw! ♥
Crush it with a spoon!

Diamond ♥

25. ~National Freeze University Tuition (@college)

Noon ♥
When it’s bright (just like your head) LOLOLOLOLOL

Peach and black
Yellow and black ♥

Candlelight ♥
Octopus costume

26. ~Coffee Roastery Association (@roastery)

Antigua ♥

Sean Bean
Whole beans ♥

About 60 days
15 days ♥

27. ~Upcoming Writers Association (@writers)

More science related organisations than ones related to art…
Art organisations will be joining. ♥

XOXOforeverurlovely#1star✩ ♥
Stranger Kid

Flies off to space. ♥
Male lead’s father is her mother’s lost brother.

28. ~Fair Film Festival Committee (@movie)

Rated-R movies u///u
A film about the environment. ♥

Realism ♥

Cannes, Venice, Berlin ♥
Rome, London and Tokyo

29. ~Men of Monogamy (@monogamy)

Personalised framed cross-stitch ♥

Why don’t you try focusing on something else?
Buy her handcuffs. ♥ … Uh. Even if it’s a metaphor… BDSM much?

Give her a bouquet of Jasmines. ♥
Share an honest conversation.

30. ~Tom (@tom)

Just a stupid dream.
Call the zoo! ♥

Stock prices of peach drinks going up. ♥
Pregnancy dream for a beautiful princess.

It means your grades! Two Fs!! ♥
Hire a bodyguard!

31. ~Cat Hotel (@cathotel)

Cat wine bar.
Cat buffet ♥

Cat Moulin Rouge!
How about people putting on a show? ♥

Cat limousine! ♥
Cat Stroller!

32. ~Driver Kim (@kim ?)

Compete with your son. ♥
Trust me with guts!

Drifting! ♥

The car from when you were young Pong! ♥
The new model of Berrari.

33. ~Longcat (@longcat)

Meowmeow, ♥

Miumiumi! ♥

Nyannyan! ♥

34. ~Guards In Taekwondo Uniform (@security)

Korea ♥

Because it’s cool ♥

Gold ♥

35. ~Chef RamG (LMAOOOO) (@chef)

3 cups, chef ♥ Yes, getting cooking lessons on instan- I mean, delicious ramyun.
6 cups, chef

You mix as if you’re cutting, chef ♥
You thoroughly knead the dough, chef

20 minutes ♥
5 minutes, chef

36. ~Banker (@bank)

100% interest rate ♥
Passed down for generations mortgage payment.

Bank of Neighbourhood
Swiss Bank ♥

$1.2 million all in cash. ♥
One card.

37. ~Students Living Alone (@oneroomer)

Keep them in the rice cooker.
To the freezer! ♥

Put newspaper on the windows!
Bubblewrap on the window. ♥

Fried rice. ♥
To the freezer!

38. ~Tiaranol (Is this guy okay? LOL) (@medicine)

Oh yeah, Caspirin!
Maybe… maybe… Tiaranol? ♥

It’s Tiaranol. ♥

TIARANOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

39. ~Pious Sons (@hyoja)

Filial piety ♥
Fiery passion.

Confuscious ♥

Be healthy ♥
Be rich

40. ~Making Pancakes Cats Can Eat Committee (@pancake)

Silvervine ♥

Salmon fish sauce ♥

Fish-shape ♥

41. ~Hackers Chasing Hackers (@hacker)

Lucky Kim (whispers) ♥

He’s young and bright, 22 years old.
He’s an oldie, 80 years old. ♥

Not Grandma! Grandmother! ♥
Not grandpa.. Grandfather!

42. ~Cat Shelter (@catprotect)

Of course! ♥
To be honest…

Give food and wait. ♥
Share your feelings with them~

Social media sites. ♥
Call people you know!

43. ~Allergy Research Centre (@allergy)

There is no such person.
Cat allergy. ♥

Beef and seaweed soup.  ♥
This answer contains “cheese” in it (I forgot the option oops)

I’m allergic to people not attending the party! ♥
I’m allergic to all these options!

44. ~Finance Expert (@frank)

All to the bank!  ♥
I just gave it to my mum.

Bank passbook.  ♥
Leprechaun’s pot of gold.

We split it up.  ♥
We put them all in one bank account.

45. ~Forever Alone Association … (@solo)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey hon… Wanna hang with me? Yes bby, I’d love to hang with you.
Hi, I’m Youngsoo. I got your number through Chulsoo.  ♥

A watch! ♥
A beret

Asking is not a challenge but a confirmation. ♥
The moment you lay eyes on her! Girlfriend first dating next!

46. ~Lamb Skewers (@lame)

Call the police!  ♥
Threaten them with your skewers!

Say hello!  ♥
Run away!!

I think you’ll just look down on the ground and pass by.
I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt. ♥

47. ~Wine Owners (@wineowner)

Red wine. ♥
White wine.

Ice wine. ♥

Jumin ♥

48. ~Mr. Choi (@naming)

Luciel. ♥
Jack, Choi

Your selected name ♥

Jihae ♥

49. ~Matchmaker of Love (@uranai)

I don’t have time…
So much time! ♥

C&R Director (something along those lines)
(Forgot the 2nd option T_T)

Old man under the moon. ♥
Old man under the sun.

50. ~Keyboard Research Facility (@keyboard)

Ergonomics ♥

Ctrl+C ♥

Movi ♥
Cutie Pie 83

51. ~Doctor Lee (@doclee)

You can’t see very well.
The seal is unlocked!!! ♥

Black ♥

Blood shot eyes.
The rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!! ♥

52. ~Cry Only (@emotion)

I wanted to help you. ♥
My neighbours are being so loud I can’t sleep.

I want to go see a movie but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do? ♥
I’m hungry. Please order some noodles for me.

Please come to our party and help out with catering.
I really hope you come to our party. ♥

53. ~Quit Smoking Support (@smoker)

A man’s word is his bond! ♥
Me scolding you won’t work. Just take it easy~

Your girlfriend will love that! ♥
If it’s that difficult, ask for your girlfriend’s permission.

You’re doing fine now 🙂
You’ll be useless if you give up now. ♥

54. ~Detective Sherlocking (@detective)

Please find my socks my grandma’s dog ate.
I know the vanished seven treasure islands. ♥

A mystery on Zen’s musical scripts!?
Yoosung’s LOLOL exploration. ♥

Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang ♥

55. ~God (@god)

Wow! Amazing that I get to talk to God! ♥
I pray… for God to come to the party.

Please let me be rich.
I am your daughter. ♥

I think you’ll ride the winds, carry a long cane, and wear sunglasses.
I think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person ♥

56. ~People Affectionate Towards Cats (@catlovers)

Head meow! ♥

Odd eye meow! ♥
One eye

Playground sand
Crystal litter ♥

57. ~CEO of BIC Pens (@monnami)

BIC Pens ♥
Chep… something.

Replace the tip of the ballpoint.
Sear the end with a lighter. ♥

Classic is best. ♥
How about a design similar to Monc Blant?

58. ~Fair Reporters Association (@press)

Netizens ♥
Social media

Law to protect reporters ♥
You have to leave it up to their conscience

Persian cat.
That is private. ♥

59. ~Wedding Planner (@marc)

Bae character ♥
Advertising balloons

Tripter invitations ♥
Hand-written invitations.

Hire a famous photographer!
Screenshot function! ♥

60. ~Wrong Majors (@wrongmajor)

What are you interested in these days? ♥
The confusing period will pass.

It is too late…
Who said it’s too late? ♥

Convince your parents. ♥
Well, yeah… They pay your tuition…

61. ~VFC (Fried Chicken) (@chicken)

Flyers distributed everywhere.
Commercial on YouTube ♥

A magical Phoenix.
Use a grandfa- Your face~ ♥

Cheese sprinkled. ♥
Fruit sprinkles.

62. ~Stock Know-it-all (@stock)

Invest in stocks. ♥
Don’t give them the bait! Just ignore those people!

Never get greedy. ♥
Get rich

Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang ♥
Yoosung Kim who entered a prestigious university

63. ~Tetris Champion (@tetris ?)

You want to bring Nimtendo to the party?
Of course! ♥

Stick ♥

At the party. ♥
It hasn’t come out yet…

64. ~Narcissist Clinic (@narcissist)

Treatment of shoving your face in sand and swimming.
Treatment of getting locked up in a room of mirrors. ♥

He takes a lot of selfies. ♥
He takes a long shower.

Lake Na ♥

65. ~Love Commenter (@badcomment)

My IP is VIP. ♥

This video is total trash lol
I’ll look forward to your next video! 🙂 ♥

Report them ♥
Have mercy.

66. ~Netizen (B1ack*Cat) (@netizens)

Yes, there is injustice going on so please come to our party and help us! ♥
You should be honored that you’re invited.

There’s no story of a magic girl who’s not violent. ♥
I think I know… When you’re hopeless about life,,, you have to drink a beer and play a round.

It’s cool… Completely suits you:)
Is your pet cat black?

67. ~Christmas Nolan (@nolam)

Avatardy 3D
Baleman ♥

Wonder Kitty
Onthestellar ♥

Leonardo Dicapuccino ♥
Audrey Heartburn

68. ~Smartphone Addiction Prevention(@smartphone)

Leave the phone outside. ♥
Forgot 2nd option

Leave battery half charged ♥
Place your charger next to you in room.

Popcorn brain ♥
Forgot 2nd option

69. ~Mummy @mira
Sturdy bandage
Pink bandage ♥

Coffin with lace all around ♥
Sparkling gold coffin

Life size figurine of Zen
Life size marble statue of Pharaoh ♥

70. ~Generic Fan Club (@genfanclub)

Tei’s tea leaf
Jumin’s cat 

Jalapeno’s Photobook 
V’s Photograph

Jumin’s autograph
Zen’s underwear 

71. Andre Kim (@designer)

Hawk Pose 
Create a heart shape with your arms over the head.

Shiny White 

Silk underwear with scarf 
Classic coat







556 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Emails: Party Guests✩

  1. it was not clear which option i had to choose since its 3:30 am and im tired so i just accidentaly told a gof club to make their logo look like a ladle


  2. For some reason the smartphone addict never sent me an email even though I told Seven to invite them and I have noticed that this have happened to other people too


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