Mystic Messenger – Yoosung Route – Day 5✩

  • Some of the conversations will have options that unlock other options. I will colour code these, so please refer to the same coloured text to see where the conversation leads. If the text is black, it means that it is the default story conversation continuing. If the text has two or more colours – it means that the two options that occur after also unlock more options… sorry, it’s confusing I know :’)
  • (+1) means you gain a heart from the answer you’ve chosen.
  • (-H) means you lose a heart.
  • Hourglasses appear randomly whenever someone’s chat bubble has cute emotes around it (like the cloud outlined ones or the hearts that surround them – I believe there is a higher chance of gaining them when you select a favourable answer for the characters).
  • If I don’t write anything like (+1) or (-H) or colour code it means that you either get nothing, or any choice is fine.
  • Any of these guides/walkthroughs that have a ‘✩’ icon included in the title means that I have found every option there is for the conversation.The ones without the icon mean that I haven’t finished the walkthrough for that day completely yet and will be further updated.

PS: If you want to quickly find the conversation you are looking for, just press CTRL+F and type the accurate time of the conversation you are looking for (you can find the accurate time in-game). Or you can just type the name of the conversation. That works too.

From now on, all my posts will have the full length of the day; they will not be separated into two parts anymore ^^

~Day 5~

~The Picture of the Last Party (01:28) – 707

What are you doing at night?
Seven, you’re still not sleeping? (+1 707)

I was just lonely…
I couldn’t sleep.

Seven, you’re good looking. (+1 707)
Yoosung feels a bit different from now. (+1 Yoosung)

And the other members?
Jaehee must have been nervous. (+1 707)

Do you think this party will be as successful?
Good memories.

Yoosung seems happy too. (+1 Yoosung)
Do you have any photos of Rika?

What was he like before? (+1 Yoosung)
Did something happen?

Did anything else happen? (+1 Yoosung
I guess it’s nice to take a break since he went to college.

Only one option.

He’s only a sophomore. He still has a lot of time. (+1 Yoosung)

I do shield him.
Nah. It’s nothing like that.

It was good talking to you, Seven ^^ (+1 707)

~Robotic Assistant Kang (03:22) – Jumin, Jaehee

What are you guys doing this late?
Did you see the photo Seven sent?

Jaehee must have been nervous lolol (+1 Jaehee)
I think Yoosung is quite different now compared to back then.

Maybe he’s decided to relax for a while. (+1 707)
Maybe Yoosung changed.. because of Rika’s death? (+1 Yoosung)

Hope it goes well, both of you.
Golf clothing company? How about inviting them to the party? You will unlock emails from the Golf Company.

~Yoosoung in the Past (07:35) – Yoosung

Yoosung, good morning ^^
Did you brush your teeth after waking up? (+1 Yoosung)

I should be in the photo this time, right? lol (+1 Yoosung)
I heard you were student body president back then.

Let’s take photos of memories we’ll never forget. (+1 Yoosung)
I want to take a photo with just you. (+1 Yoosung)

Oh~ I’m touched! haha (+1 Yoosung)
Of course you do. (+1 Yoosung)

I will. (+1 Yoosung)
Don’t feel too burdened though. ^^ (+1 Yoosung)

~I Like How Things Are Now (09:43) – Zen

Zen, good morning.
Heya, Zen.

I think it’ll be comfortable for him to work at a company since he’s the obedient cute puppy type. (+1 Yoosung)
I think Yoosung is actually a very talented person. (+1 Yoosung)

I like seeing the relaxed Yoosung too. (+1 Yoosung)
I wish he could just do as I say. (+1 Yoosung)

Wish good luck to Yoosung ^^ (+1 Yoosung)
Good bye, Zen. (+1 Zen)

~Can I Wind a Spring? (12:30) – Jaehee, 707

Jaehee, did you eat lunch? (+1 Jaehee)
Seven, did you eat lunch? (+1 707)

I think Seven looks best in this photo. (+1 707)
lololol You look pretty in that photo, Jaehee.

I am a bit suspicious of Seven too. (+1 Jaehee)
Aren’t you being too aggressive? (+1 707)

What’s a floppy disk?
Aren’t you changing the subject?

Invite them to the party! You will unlock Floppy Disk Collectors after.
It’s a funny group.

I hope Yoosung becomes happy one day. (+1 Yoosung)
I’m worried about Yoosung’s future… (+1 Jaehee)
I don’t care about the past. I just want him to look at me… only me. (+1 Yoosung)

What the hell do you really do?
You’re no longer busy?

Can’t you tell me a tiny bit…?
Okay, alright. (+1 707)

Send Jumin my love. (+1 Jumin)
Good bye, Jaehee.

~ Jaehee leaves ~

Don’t think you’re a victim.
Don’t you think it’s because you tease Jaehee the most? (+1 707)
Maybe something is wrong with your attitude towards her. (-H 707)

Okay. Thank you, Seven. (+1 707)
Good bye, Seven.

~Yoosung’s Concern (13:22) – Yoosung

Yoosung, did you eat lunch? (+1 Yoosung)
Why are you so late. (+1 Yoosung)

Not yet.
I did.

Weren’t you just spacing out?
Omg T_T Look at my hand.

Be careful from now on. (+1 Yoosung)
Muah muah. (+1 Yoosung)

Say whatever you want to ^^ (+1 Yoosung)
Yes. What is it?

I feel like he’s scheming something in secret. (+1 Yoosung)
He seems like a nice person to me. (+1 707)

There much be something that only you can do. (+1 Yoosung)
I can be responsible for you, Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)

Good luck! ^^ (+1 Yoosung)
I’ll be watching you. Do a good job. (+1 Yoosung)

~Zen With an Injury (15:43) – Zen

Hello, Zen.
Did you finish rehearsal? (+1 Zen)

Did you do something wrong?

What’s up?
Why are you crying all of a sudden? You wimp lol

You should take care of your body.
Oh no… does it hurt a lot? (+1 Zen)

Don’t be so gloomy… Your health is more important. (+1 Zen)
If you push yourself too much, you’re bound to harm other people too. (-H Zen)

Then… how about inviting that doctor organisation to the party? You will unlock the Doctors Organisation
I’m glad it was a good hospital.

Cheer up, Zen! (+1 Zen)
You will get better before the party though, right?

~A Way of Releasing Anxiety (18:25) – Jumin, Yoosung

Yoosung, how was the library? (+1 Yoosung)
Jumin, did you come back from work? (+1 Jumin)

He has to get better before the party. (+1 Yoosung)
I’m worried that Zen works too much. (+1 Zen)

I want to make a lot of memories with you too, Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)
I’m excited to see how cute you are in real life. (+1 Yoosung)

Yoosung, how was studying today? (+1 Yoosung)
Jumin, it must have been difficult… (+1 Jumin)

I would want to hire you as an intern too, Yoosung. 
Yoosung, you want to work at Jumin’s company? (+1 Yoosung)

I think it will be fun working with Yoosung~! (+1 Yoosung)
I want to make him do anything.. (+1 Yoosung)

You should take on challenges with more devotion. (+1 Jumin)
You should experience different things. (+1 Yoosung)

Because life is hard.
Yoosung is not helpless. (+1 Yoosung)

You’ll never escape from me now. (+1 Yoosung)
I want to be someone who helps you, Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)

All you need in this world is to be with the ones you love. (+1 Yoosung)
Don’t feel sad… I’m here. (+1 Yoosung)

What is making you talk like an old man… (+1 Yoosung, -H Jumin)
That’s good advice. (+1 Jumin)

Thanks for saying that. (+1 Yoosung)
Aren’t you mixing me up with Rika right now?

Of course. We’re different people. (+1 Yoosung)
I feel a bit similar to her… I feel like I can be what Rika used to be to Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)

What…?! (-H Jumin)
Yoosung is mine. 

You’re mine.
We will have each other. (+1 Yoosung)

Yoosung, think of it as fun. Everything will work out. (+1 Yoosung)
Everything will work out if you just listen to me, Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)

~Jaehee Worries About Zen (20:11) – Jaehee

Jaehee, do you know that Zen hurt his ankle? (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee, did you see Yoosung? (+1 Yoosung)

…The jealousy of a lonely person?
Are you not feeling well because he got hurt? (+1 Jaehee)

I’m glad Yoosung doesn’t do anything physical! He won’t get hurt. (+1 Yoosung)
I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive the world if Zen gets a scar on his ankle. (+1 Jaehee)
My Zen… I hope he takes care of himself. (+1 Zen, -H Jaehee)

Did you find something that can help the party?
You must really like Zen. (+1 Jaehee)

I’ll think about it…
I think they will be of help. Please tell them to contact me. (+1 JaeheeYou will unlock the Musical Industry Supporters after.

Have a good evening~. (+1 Jaehee)
Good bye.

~The People Who Makes Games (21:45) – Yoosung, 707

I’m here, Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)
Seven, what are you doing here? (+1 707)

I don’t believe it either lolol (+1 Yoosung)
Cat leaves from California work best. (+1 707)

Cat leaves.
You’re lying.

I can’t trust what Seven says. (+1 Yoosung)
Since he treats his injuries with cat leaves and Elizabeth, he’d heal quickly… (+1 707)

Yoosung will be able to defeat those bodyguards! (+1 Yoosung)

Seven, don’t you know how to make games?
Yoosung, you’ve grown up! (+1 Yoosung)


Seven, clean up your room.
Yoosung, why don’t you try learning how to make games? (+1 Yoosung)

It’s a good idea. You’ll unlock the Game Making Organisation emails after.
I’ll think about it.

That’s a good plan, Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)
Don’t think too much about the past and think about me too. (+1 Yoosung)

Serious Yoosung is cool. (+1 Yoosung)
I hope Yoosung is only serious towards me. (+1 Yoosung)

I feel like I should take care of Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)
My pleasure. (+1 Yoosung)

~After Looking at the Old Photo (23:07) – Yoosung

How is cleaning going? (+1 Yoosung)
Don’t stay up too late. (+1 Yoosung)

You didn’t have feelings for Rika, did you? (+1 Yoosung)
Volunteering work… was it fun? (+1 Yoosung)

Rika seems like a fantastic person.
I think I have a lot of similarities with Rika. (+1 Yoosung)

I want to be like Rika. (+1 Yoosung)
I am not Rika though. (+1 Yoosung)

If I was there for you, it would have been less difficult. (+1 Yoosung)
It must have been really hard… (+1 Yoosung)

You can think of me as Rika. If only you can be mine. (+1 Yoosung)
I’m not the same person as Rika, but I want to be someone valuable to you. (+1 Yoosung)

Yoosung, you’re cute. (+1 Yoosung)
Please just follow me from now on. (+1 Yoosung)

Yes. (+1 Yoosung)
I’m going to go to bed. (+1 Yoosung)

And that’s one day of Yoosung’s route done…(つ_-*)。οΟ

Seriously, I’m starting to wonder if you really even need a walkthrough for Yoosung’s route.. Literally almost every single option gives you hearts with him ‘ -‘😉

Guess we’ll just have to see later on. I do hope that it’s not that simple ; __; Or else I’ll feel as if I’ve done these walkthroughs in vain lmfao.

Questions? List them below in the comments. ^^
Any corrections or add-ons you believe should be made? Inform me so I can fix them :3

Enjoy~ JenJen rolling out! (o°▽°)o(o_△_)o(o°▽°)o

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  1. The People Who Makes Games (21:45) – Yoosung, 707

    It’s a good idea.
    I’ll think about it. You’ll unlock the Game Making Organisation emails after.

    -I think you accidentally put it on the wrong answer choice LOLOL It should be-

    It’s a good idea. (You’ll unlock the Game Making Organization emails after.)
    I’ll think about it.

    right? LOLOL Bc I got an email from the Indies Game Rep. after I chose “It’s a good idea.” haha. BUt maybe it could be both??


  2. Yoosung is really cute. He’s like a puppy HAHA
    Tbh I wanted Jumin or Seven, but theyre in the Deep Route, gosh darn.

    Thanks for updating the walkthroughs so quickly! ^^

    Hbu? How do you like Yoosung’s route so far?


    • @Kimchi,

      I understand you. 707 was my fav char ever since the website was released. But the route order… He should be played last T_T

      ~Spoiler Alert~ (not really, but y’know.)

      Yoosung’s route? Honestly, he really isn’t my type, especially his relationship with Rika ; u; BUT HE MAKES SUCH CUTE PHONE CALLS IN HIS ROUTE AND HE IS JUST SO CUTE. I love him and I hate him at the same time ><

      You're welcome! Just doing what I can before I return to school next week ; _; I won't have much time when I start.


      • AAHHH. I seriously want to play Jumin or Seven’s route… BUT I GUESS I HAFTA WAIT!
        Jumin is such a dork when it comes to Elizabeth like I can’t Haha. Same as Seven. Theyre both cat freaks. LOL. Seven is such a troll tho, but he can be sweet and serious like oooh dannnggg booooyy.

        And.. Yessss! Same!! Yoosung constantly talks about Rika and Im like “Oh” but he’s still cute ahah




        And ikr? :c The day I get to play the Deep route stories will be the day I go to Heaven.

        I pray in Yoosung’s route, that it gets better and that you’re not constantly getting compared lolol… And I kinda hate the personality you have in his route too – being possessive and all – it ain’t my style T ~T


  3. OML. I believe in you!! YOU’LL BE FINE!! Ace those exams!! ;D Once they’re over you can enjoy lifeee. Ayeee🙂

    Bruh so I woke up to read the chats with Yoosung.. and he keeps talking bout Rika and how we’re similar and I’m like “Nononono. MMMM BOOOYYY. I AINT RIKA. GET IT RIGHT.” Hahaha. Seriously though, I’m starting to find it just a teennnsssyyy weenssyyy bit annoying now. LOL. 707 called too and said Yoosung is a yandere and I’m like YIKESSS… but we’ll see how it all turns out HAHA


    • @Kimchi,


      Oh boy, I sure hope I at least get passing grades LOL. YES. I HOPE TO GET OUT OF HELL SOON. * ^*)9


      • YES. He was like “He kind of tends to be a yandere so why don’t you expand on that?” so I was like UHHHH OH NOOOO. What have I gotten myself into?? YOOSUNG WHYY?? LOLOL



      • … Expand on it. Hoooooly. Can I take a rain check on doing Yoosung’s route? HAHA omg T _T that makes Yoosung like 100x less likable.


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  5. Hey, I was wondering if I won’t get the good ending for Yoosung if I don’t respond to his private messages. Because for some reason the game won’t let me respond to his texts and it’s really worrying me…


    • @Kittykat,

      Don’t worry, the game barely let me respond back to Jaehee’s private messages and I still managed to get the good ending with her. You should be fine c:


      • I’ve been wondering but is the Jaehee route that you become her bff or is it like Yuri? if it’s the first then I don’t mind playing it


  6. Hiya! ^^
    I just want to thank you for making this walkthrough!! ;; I just began the 5th day now (it’s 1:15 here so yeah haha), and thankfully I found your blog. I like the colour coding thing, it’s absolutely not confusing or difficoult (at least for me, haha).

    So thank you again! *3* And keep it up! ^^


    • @Syntyche,

      I’m really happy that it’s helping you! ^^ And I’m also really glad that it’s not too confusing.

      It’s a good thing that they don’t give extra options out too much, so yeah, it is less confusing :3

      Hope you enjoy Yoosung’s route~


  7. OMG! I am so so so sorry for bothering you once more! *^* But you know so much about the game! *^*

    At day five, on this route, at the start, before starting the 1:28 Chat… Did Yoosung say something in Visual Novel Mode? D: I saw appearing something but the app crashed T^T so I am not sure. When I came back, there was just the chat!

    Thank you so much for your time and patience! And thank you!!


  8. Hey so I don’t have a credit card for my account, so I can’t really pay to get those hourglass. Did you have to buy more hourglass to unlock the deep mode? If there is a way not requiring a credit card please let me know😦. Thank you so much.


  9. I’m kinda bummed that I got with Yoosung. I thought I would’ve definitely gotten Zen since I was flirting with him more.
    How easy is it to get Yoosung’s bad ending and do I HAVE to pick the possessive sounding responses mostly to not get the bad ending? Cuz if I do, I already don’t like this route as much as I probably could have at this point.


  10. Hello I love your blog I am always reading every day but I am so worried and sad. I don’t know if I would get a bad end with Yoosung. I am on 8th day and I just had one “visual novel mode” and it’s about Rika and her thoughts. After that I don’t have any of visual modes. I am reealyyy worried I hope you can reply to this😢😢😢😢 with Love, this crazy fan (; btw: Yoosung said that I am his prw-girlfriend haha I hope to have a good end


  11. I was so confused that any option will give you hearts, but luckily I read the comments before getting all possessive and stuff (which I thought Yoosung may like more) but I really want to emphasise that I’m not Rika… will that give me a bad ending? Choosing “but I’m not Rika tho”? it’s not nice founding a (virtual😄 ) relationship just because I look like someone else, no? Thank you as always for making this guide ^^


  12. Hello!^^ i really thank you for posting these guides! I read the comments and i’m glad cause i almost picked possessive ones.
    But then again, i’m somewhat worried because at the end of day 4 i got a caution😨 oh God is it because i joined seven in teasing yoosung? But it’s so fun ㅠ~ㅠ i can still change the outcome right?

    Anyway, since it’s better to not be possessive, how should we respond when yoosung is the one to be.. um a little bit possessive—jealous, you could say. I know it’s normal to be jealous but i can’t help but worry.

    Once again, thank you and sorry for the long comments!


    • Caution signs will appear everywhere~ It will indicate whether or not you get onto a bad ending or not basically. If you’re picking non-possessive answers, you should be fine ^^

      When he gets a little possessive, pretty much just reply with the most level-headed answers there are, without trying to sound like you’re on someone else’s side.

      It’s okay, you’ll be fine! You can save if you’re worried🙂


  13. Hello! Can i ask something pls >< im sorry if this is kinda stupid question but i was wondering, after im done with the 7th day, we can start the game all over again right? So when we start again to day 1, what happens to the hourglasses and hearts that i've collected so far? Will it also be reset? Thank you^^


  14. On Yoosung’s route first day… I just about vomited rainbows @_@

    They’re SO EFFIN’ MUSHY, no wonder Jumin wanted to run screaming from the chatroom, lol.




  16. Omg, thank you for making this. My favorite character is 707 (aka the reason im up at 3 in the morning), but i guess ill have to settle for yoosung… (He’s cute but like idk) *ahem* uh.. anyway, WORDS CAN NOT EXPRESS HOW GRATEFUL I AM FOR THIS. I’ve been coming back to your walkthroughs since day one for the chat times, and it’s been really helpful (so I’m not up all night wondering when a chat will open.) So yeah, thanks again ^^


  17. Hello,

    This morning I got the ‘We’re machines’ chat, and since it was so early I missed it. When I did log on, I had three missed chats, ‘We’re machines’, ‘What?’, and ‘Yoosung’s delusion’, with a visual novel mode following them.

    I read them, and then Jaehee left me a short chat which ~I assume~ ended in the bad ending.

    I spent some hourglasses on the first and third chats to see if that would alter my end, but I haven’t yet tried saving; I’m too scared to~

    Please help, I wanted to get Yoosung’s good ending but I can’t find anything to help


  18. I think there’s something wrong with me @_@ for the love of me I can ONLY get Yoosung’s first bad ending, aka the “Yoosung’s delusion” one. I’ve tried to be “less possessive” but it still led me there? Please help me I’m tired of that freaky end omg


  19. Hello, may I ask u a question? When we complete one route, do we have to restart/ start over from day 1 for the next route we want? (I really want seven. ;-;)


  20. Hii, I have some questions about the game, like… how can I get the Deep Route? I really loooooveee Seven ^^

    I apologize for if I have written something wrong, that’s because I’m from Spain and I’m still in the high school. BUT is interesting to try that games, I want to improve my english.
    Talking of improven english… WHAT THE HELL IS LMFAO? I’ve searched it, but I had any answer…
    Thanks and sorry for did it long ^^


    • You get the deep route by buying it for 80 hourglasses when you start over. It’s at the beginning of the game🙂
      And your english is great, dont worry!
      And LMFAO is slang for “laughing my fvcking ass off” haha


  21. If you get the phone call of Yoosung being possessive and talking about the “itch” he gets when he sees you having fun talking to others in the chat, is that given due to choices made so far, kind of hinting at the bad end, or do you just get that when you are doing his route?

    I’m worrying a little because I did a once through and forgot to save before clearing out my phone, then I went back and had to redo chats but changed up my answers a bit because I didn’t like how they really ended the first time, but I still got that part of the phone call?


    • Yoosung’s phone calls are really like that… Possessive and… Well, he is a Yandere as pointed out by 707, so that’s why he’s like that. The calls doesn’t exactly indicate you’re heading to the bad end, so you can breathe easy.


  22. I want to ask, if i want to get on yoosung’s route, do i have to avoid answer that give another person heart (like zen, etc)? If i reply the answers that give zen heart, will it make me lead to bad ending?


  23. OMG! When I read how answering Yoosung with the possessive responses will get a bad ending, I started rereading my responses… And when I read in the comments about him being a Yandere all I could think was: “Oh… So that’s why his phone calls were a bit creepy… Should I continue on this route…?”

    I still try to get hearts from Luciel when I can, I wonder if Yoosung’s gonna go all Yuno Gasai on him LOLz


  24. On text message I replied to Yoosung
    ‘Circle around woof!!’ And he did give me heart but the way he respond

    ‘You are treating me like a puppy~’




    So i feel like hes disappointed? Will this effect to get happy ending?


  25. bruh i got a question.
    what happens if you got yoosung’s route but still flirt with zen? or act cold towards yoosung? is it possible to end with someone else even though it’s yoosung route? just curious if i gotta stop flirting with zen lol i don’t want yoosung to hate me😦


    • No, you won’t end with someone else if you’re already on Yoosung’s route. You’ll either get a bad, normal or good ending with that specific character once you’re in their route🙂

      Try not to get too many hearts with Zen, and get more with Yoosung, or you may find yourself on a bad ending :c


    • The caution sign will just indicate that from that point, you MAY be on the bad ending, or you will just continue through to the good ending. You will shortly get a bad ending after a few conversations if you do get put on the bad path, so pray you don’t get it!!


  26. Can someone help? I was put into yoosung’ s route and at the beginning of day five he talked about knowing the “truth” . The unknown person showed up and yoosung left with him. Then I was given bad ending . I don’t know how to avoid it and I didn’t even make it to the 6th day. I tried to go back to the 4th day and completely redo it but it still gave me bad end . How do I get into the good end route ?


    • Starting from Day 4, you need to differentiate yourself from Rika every time the opportunity strikes. You also need to be nice to him (obviously) and not treat him like a kid. It’s all about leading him onto the right path. I don’t remember but if there’s a conversation with V, you need to choose very logical answers that support Yoosung, but not overly agree with him at the same time.

      Those are the only tips I can give you. Oh, and also, DON’T be obsessive/possessive over him.


  27. You think it’s an easy route but I actually got lots of green hearts by letting yoosung think as he wishes. Any time i was like run a I’d go with “what’s wrong with that” let him be. You know what happens? You get a bad ending because he won’t listen to reason, gets disappointed that you don’t look like rika and I assume the apartment blows up. It takes your choices away from you once you keep letting him go psycho.
    So I’m grateful you made this because I got a bad ending


  28. Right now, I’m doing well with Yoosung’s route but what if I end up with a bad ending? What I would like to know is, even if I finish with the bad eneding, I will be able to unlock the Deep Story or I have to reach the happy ending?

    btw, sorry for my English, I am from Spain and I am not sure if I had some mistakes when I wrote something or trying to explain myself🙂


  29. Oh god I checked the game around midnight at the beginning of day five and it randomly blew up with messages that aren’t anywhere in the game? I can read them in my notifications but they’re no where to be found elsewhere. It’s worrying me is it irrelevant or some glitch everyone’s experiencing? Thank you!


  30. Hey there! I just found this page and I really liked it. I was hoping you vuld help me tho.
    I just passed to the fifth day, yet I don’t seem to have an established route >~<
    I mean, I'm in the casual story and the fist conversation's, the one at 1 am, name is we're machines. It doesn't give me more than one option to answer. Should I start again?


    • when you don’t get a route on day 5 it means that you got the bad end! you probably didn’t get enough hearts for a LI, so go back and redo the casual route (we have guides for the first four days so u can get max hearts for the route you want!) and you should move forward!


  31. Huhuhuhuhuhu, I ended up going the Yoosung Route on the 5th day after I clicked the Caution bubble but I wanted Seven, is there any way that I can change that?


  32. I replayed the game 3 times already and I always end up at day 5 where yoosung finds out the truth and gets taken away! Throughout the whole game almost all of the hearts came from Zen so that’s not an issue, what should i do??


  33. Hiya!

    I’m on day 1 of Yoosung’s route, so i should not pick answers that would make him feel llike I’m Rika right? Or the over-possesive ones either, right?

    I am so terrified of getting a bad ending after the whole “refusing to go in the apartment” incident.


    • yup! you wanna make sure you keep telling him you aren’t rika. rule of thumb for all routes – go with the answers that would lead to a healthy relationship (being understanding and sincere)


  34. I treated JaeHee and Yoosung like shit. I was more nice to Zen even though I would rather have 707 & Jumin over all of them. I wish V was an option cause as soon as I saw him I wanted V an 707! But anyways I treated them like shit cause I didn’t want their story to be my first game😄



  35. I’m kinda scared now, and I wish I would’ve read about the possessiveness before.The majority of my answers are the non-possessive ones, but when I looked through here, I realised I may have chosen like 1-3 or maybe even 5 (I chose the possessive answer first on a branch and then the non-possessive answer next), and I don’t know if this will actually lead to the bad ending. If I choose all the non-possessive answers for the rest of the days until day 7, will that make up for it?


  36. I don’t know what can I do;; I don’t want to get a bad ending or something :’v I think I did well in Yoosung route but on the chat at 6:25 I took the neutral and Jumin answers xd (when I finish a chat I come here to see how well it was my answers lolol) then I finish that chat, Yoosung send me a private message and say me “Never mind” ;; and he get jealousy about Jumin and i replied him if he wants me to be closer to him xd (bc the another answer was so…) and he say we are in the same group so it will be nice if you and him were friends but “Nevermind” ;; and he ask if i talk to Jumin (lol) for the another part Jumin said me “that is true, you can get gloosebumps when two friends start datting” and I replied “are you jealous?” (with the hope to less the hearts xd) but he nothing happen and just said me “if you want to talk to him said me to leave or send him messages” or something like that xd what I should do about that?

    My english is not so good, but I hope you can understand it xD


    • hmm, im not too sure. for day 5 and the beginning of yoosungs route you’ll want to tell him you’re not rika, and after the general rule is to be calm, sincere, and supportive. if you don’t have any saves, id just try to pick the best answers to hopefully make up for it!


  37. Howdy x3 I’m on the 5th day of Yoosung’s route but I accidentally chose one of the possessive answers.. Am I going to get the bad ending even if I tell him I’m not Rika?😦


    • One wrong answer will not change much! (Unless it’s like one of the major, super duper serious conversations).

      I don’t think that one answer will change anything drastically, as long as it wasn’t like, right near one of the caution signs at the bottom. (Even if it was, if it was only one answer out of 100000 answers you had to choose, pretty sure you’re in the okay!)


  38. Quick question for this character there are often 2 right answers; a masocistic answer and a sweet/supportive answer is either one more right/wrong than the other?


  39. I had really weird situation. I was updating game at Day 4 and i didn’t get hourglasses. Every time i do update, i don’t get anything since the end of Day 4.
    And i’m doing Yoosung’s route and every picture Yoosung sends to me, there is a blanck. The hole picture is white ;-; i’m sorry if it is a stupid question but i was searching everywhere for the answer


  40. I keep on getting yoosungs route but it always ends with him deciding he doesn’t like me because he thought I was rika and it ends there (on about day 6 or 7) how do I change it so he doesn’t think that and he does like me?? Also I choose non possessive answers and tell him I’m not rika😦


    • thats really weird then😦 make sure at all possible moments you tell him you aren’t rika, and make sure not to be mean or anything. if ur still having troubles i can find and list the answers i got?


  41. Okay, so, much to my surprise (and disappointment), I got Yoosung’s route instead of Zen’s. I wanted to do his first but…

    Anyway, a friend and I started playing this and she had already gotten Yoosung’s route before, and she told me not to pick any of the possessive answers because, even though you get hearts for them, they lead to a bad ending (╥_╥) so yeah, just don’t pick any of the creepy clingy ones


  42. If I get a bad ending, and I know I’m getting a bad ending, do I click start over? Or do I click load and load from day 5? Sorry if it’s confusing


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