Re: Birthday Song ~ Koi wo Utau Shinigami ~ – Syun Route


~Common Route

I’ll help Syun
Please think of something.
It’ll be fine!
Convince Syun
It’ll be fine!
I want to get along better with everyone.
It seems lonely to stay in the supplementary class forever.
How did you know?
Thank you for helping me.
It’ll be fine!
I’ll go see how Syun is doing
Listen to Syun’s wish

~Save 1

Did you take care of it?
Let him take it
That makes me happy
Are you in love?
I still haven’t decided
Grab his hand

~Save 2

Smile at him
> Rebirth End

~Load Save 2

Pretend to get mad
> Bad end

~Load Save 1

Did you injure it?
Is that a compliment?
Shake his shoulders
Pretend to get mad
> Death End


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