Re: Birthday Song ~ Koi wo Utau Shinigami ~ – Kairi Route


~Common Route

I’ll help Kairi.
Please think of something.
It’ll be fine!
Convince Kairi.
It’ll be fine!
I want to get along better with everyone.
It seems lonely to stay in the supplementary class forever.
How did you know?
Thank you for helping me.
It’ll be fine!
I’ll go see how Kairi is doing.
Listen to Kairi’s wish.

~Save 1

You do these things to show your affection?
I want him to show me how to do it.
I’m worried about you, Kairi.
What about you?
It’s okay to feel sad.
> Rebirth End

~Load Save 1

You should try doing something else.
I want to do it myself.
Let’s make sure we pass together.
I have to do it.

~Save 2

Staying calm is important too.
> Death End

~Load Save 2

It’s okay to feel sad.
> Bad End


10 thoughts on “Re: Birthday Song ~ Koi wo Utau Shinigami ~ – Kairi Route

    • I haven’t made it yet sorry ;; I’ve been a bit busy lately.

      I should have it up by the weekend, if there are no others available :c


      • Oh, it’s okay. Thank you for always doing great things ❤ Can I ask you something ? I don’t know why my game which I downloaded it from here doesn’t have choices lead to Nami route. For example : I tried to search for Nami route walkthrough and everyone’s games are included the 5th option. I hope you can help me slove this problem ; A ; Sorry if my English was bad


      • Nami can only be unlocked if you have gotten good endings in everyone else’s routes, so if you haven’t already, try doing those endings first.

        If you already have, then… I’m not too sure ^^; If there’s no solution there is a save file that I can upload for you I think that has everything unlocked, but at least is able to let you play his route – so let me know if getting the good ending for everyone else first doesn’t work 🙂


  1. I got it. Thank you very much :3 I’ll try to get all the good endings in everyone eles’s routes. I didn’t know it at first and I was too excited for Nami’s route so I asked you..
    Thanks again! I’ll always support you ❤


    • No problem, and thank you! We’ll do our best to keep all of you guys happy so your words of support really means a lot to us ^^

      Have fun playing c:


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