Ayakashi Gohan – Inushima Yomi Route

So the route order will go (bolded name is the current guide you’re looking at, so you can use this as a reference to see where you should be up to):

Uta > Haginosuke > Suou > Yomi > Manatsu > Asagi



*A/N: Also, if you are also following the route order, or if you have already finished one route, whichever heroine you became (introvert or extrovert), if you press “Start Game” again, you can skip the childhood chapter and move straight onto the Human or Ayakashi path. 

Just a note that the introverted heroine can ONLY go on Uta/Haginosuke/Suou’s route, and the extroverted heroine can ONLY go for Yomi/Manatsu/Asagi.

~Childhood Days Chapter

Say hello.
They’re cute…
Hands, clap.
Th-thank you…
Stop running.
Go over there.
That’s okay.
Kuu-tan’s eyes…

*A/N: From here on out, you’ll be in the “Ayakashi” route!


~Water Chapter

What’s inside?
Momiji Shrine
I was happy you came so quickly.
I always end up receiving your help.


~Road Chapter

You’ll really tell me?
You’re not sad?
Am I unpleasant to see too?
Do I look that small to you?


~Villager Chapter

Manatsu-san, when you try, you do great.
If you say it like that, she’ll get flustered.
You’re worried?
What do you think I should do?


~Mountain Chapter

Somehow, it’s sad…
There’s no time for hesitation.
Don’t laugh too much.


~Ayakashi Path – Epilogue

I want to see it together with you, Yomi.


~Yomi’s Chapter

Stare at him.
Thank him.

Save 1

Start talking to Yomi.
I want to be with everyone.
Don’t call me an idiot.


Save 2

Say that you still love him.

> Dream, Reality; The Love Shaped by the Fireflies – Best Ending
(Get the CG for this ending after you finish Asagi’s route!)


Load Save 2

Say that you’ve given up.

> Ephemeral Happiness – Good Ending


Load Save 1

Start talking to Gin.
I prayed for good health.
Say that you’ve given up.

> Bad Ending (You get a CG from this ending)


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