Ayakashi Gohan – ENG Patch Released!

Man, all these English patches are plopping out one after the other! I love it, but I wish I had more time to binge-play everything ;;

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Anyway~ Although this post is a bit late, the English patch for Ayakashi Gohan was finally finished and released on the 15th of April! You can get the English patch downloads from here – although currently, the author has taken the patch down to fix up all the increasing errors that many people have been finding.

Happy otome gaming, everyone! c:

Nightshade – Ishikawa Goemon Route

A coloured choice = The choice that will give favour to your desired character.

First guy I decided to play was Goemon, cause I technically don’t really like his type… But damn, I got played after finishing this route (*´ω`*)

If you would like some general tips to start you off instead of using the walkthrough:

  • Trust him
  • Support him when talking about his past.
  • Play the modest, cute girl who gets shy a lot (during the times he teases you)

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Nightshade Release~

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So the English PC port of this game finally came out 3 days ago on Steam 

Did I also mention that there’s currently a 20% promotion sale for the game right now? =P Currently the game is USD$28, and after promotion will return to USD$35.

Just thought I’d let you guys know about it, and that I’ll also be making a walkthrough for it ~

Also if you would like a recommended route order for playing this game, I would suggest:

Goemon > Hanzo > Kuroyuki > Chojiro > Gekkamaru

Reasons for this will be explained in a review I’ll be making (…sometime soon).

Happy otome gaming!

Cinderella Phenomenon – Waltz Route

If I haven’t coloured any of the answers, it means you can select whichever one. I’ll be COLOURING & BOLDING the correct answers. Please do take note that they will change depending on which route I’m posting up.

If you only want tips for this route, DO NOT look below, and here’s a few tips:

  • Be confident.
  • Be trusting (though there is a time where you will have to NOT listen to Waltz)
  • Be the most selfless person you can be in this route.

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