More details – Re: Birthday Song

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know, that my friend kindly uploaded the game for us (since my uploading speed is like what, 5kb/s!?) and I’ll be posting it up on here.

To get the download for the JP version, click here.
For the English patch and the “save000” file (for people who already have the game, and want a temporary fix for the crashing issues), click here.

For people who need information on how to install the game:
– Make sure you have Daemon Tools Lite installed (you can get the free version of it here)
– After downloading the game from G-Drive, open the ISO file and the game should be mounted on your disk.
– Use “setup.exe” to install the game onto your computer.

After you’ve finished installing the game, you don’t need anymore of the files from the ISO file that you downloaded. Proceed to following yuscake’s English patching instructions from her page 🙂



Update from Jen (after forever)

Ahaha… It’s been ages since I came back on here. I went overseas for 2 months, came back last month to start uni… and completely neglected to do any blog activities 😐

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll ACTUALLY, FOR REALS be back now, and I’ll be starting new walkthroughs whilst also trying to complete old ones (a.k.a. Liar and MM. Yes I know there’s heaps of walkthroughs out there for them now but STILL).

So the new walkthrough that’ll be coming out is: Re: Birthday Song.
The English translation patch just came out like 2 days ago, so I’d like to start fresh anew for now and try my hand at doing a walkthrough for this. You can download the English patch here, and you can download the game in Japanese here.  Jokes don’t click the second link. I gave the wrong download for the game – it’s the download to Un: Birthday Song, not Re… LOL. Not sure where there’s a download for the full JP game for Re: Birthday Song yet, sorry guys :c

As for old walkthroughs like Liar and Mystic Messenger, I’ll be doing MM slowly (since I gotta use the rest of my hourglasses to go back haa…) and Liar will probably wait for ages, cause you know… All the answers are already out there, but I’m just doing it for the sake of completion haha.

Anyway that’s my update for now, I’ll be starting Birthday Song in a bit, so look forward to it! Sorry for neglecting you guys for so long, I promise to come back with a punch ❤

Update 20/3/17

So for people who have had issues with games crashing halfway through routes, the uploader of the translation made a temporary fix, which you can download on the same page you get the English patch from. Please be aware that this temporary fix will make everything become unlocked for you, including the secret route, all CGS, etc.

DLC Release: Mystic Messenger Valentine’s Day DLC


Hi everyone! Exciting news for all mystic messenger players – Cheritz has released new Valentine’s Day DLC! It is now available on both android and iOS, so be sure to update your app and check it out!

The DLC can be accessed by going into the After Ending menu and clicking on one of the five main character’s portraits. There you can purchase the Valentine’s story for 20 hourglasses each! As you may have assumed, the story takes place after the main story, and each contains CG’s to collect!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Update: Otome Amino, Upcoming Games and More!


Hello, everyone! I sincerely apologize for the lack of content, though I did want to put out an update and some information on things that I have been extremely late on. Due to unforeseen health circumstances, I yet again had to take a bit of a break and have been severely behind schedule, but I do want to give some exciting news that I’m sure many have been waiting for!

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Update – I’M BAAAACK!!

So I’m totally not 8 days late or anything from the date that I said the hiatus would continue until … but I’m back now! I’m like 90% most of y’all have already finished the game with other guides and etc, but I must finish what I started, so here I am again, ready to continue and finally (about time, Jen >_>) to complete the full guide for Mystic Messenger~ (Probably going to take like, a looooong time since I need hourglasses orz)

Thanks to everyone that is still supporting this blog even though we’re probably like half-dead at the moment, and it’s nice to be back ;3

Regarding the piles and piles of comments we have, I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this, but even if you don’t need our answers anymore, I’ll still answer all of the comments to the best of my abilities. If I have missed your comment, I apologise, and I hope you can forgive us for neglecting it if we do ; u;

Liar! Uncover the Truth – Liar #4

So I decided to start a walkthrough for this game, since it was a new experience, considering it’s from Voltage Inc! There’s probably heaps of these walkthroughs already, but I felt like making one for this blog as well, so here it is :3

The answers that have a ‘♥’ icon next to them indicate the correct answer!

Possible Liars for this story:
1. Sotaro Shiga
2. Keima Katagiri
3. Azusa Kurono

~Chapter 11: Snoo- Room Investigation!

There are a total of three things you need to find here:
1. Tap the sheet of paper that has the Mahjong scores lying on top of a pile of files.
2. Tap the papers hanging out from the bookshelf.
3. Tap the flyer lying in the middle of the desk.

~Chapter 24: Cool Points Mission

You need at least 1, 580 points in order to continue the story.

~Chapter 27: Accusation Time!

Select “Keima Katagiri“.

Question: Why’d you peg Keima for a gambler?
A: He came to pick me up.
B: He hangs out in Oimachi. ♥
C: He noticed my stocking ripped.

~Chapter 28: Cornering Him with Questions

Question: When did Keima place a horse racing bet?
A: When he went to make a phone call. ♥
B: Before our date.
C: When he was driving.

~Chapter 29: Punching the Evidence Into His Face 😀

Evidence #1: Select “Sports Newspaper“.

~Chapter 30: Evidence Part 2!

Evidence #2: Select “Keima’s TalkTime Screen“.

~Chapter 31: Is This Guy Really Not Giving Up? – Evidence

Evidence #3: Select “Horse Racing Tissues“.

~Chapter 33: Is This Guy Even For Real – Evidence

Evidence #4: Select “Cherished Fountain Pen”.

~Chapter 34: ‘Fessing Time – Final Choice

A: Talk about college romance
B: Talk about his run-in with Azusa
C: Talk about the hanko stamp ♥

Voila. Enjoy watching him grovel before you ohohoho.
TBH I never really like the childhood types anyway, so I’m glad he’s out of the way ❤

One of his endings actually make me feel empathetic for him… but then after I watched his true and secret endings I was like “FLIP OFF BIT-“. Anyway.

Four liars down – 5 more to go. All the guys I’ve liked are starting to be the ones that are left behind. I’m scared for what’s to come ; A;

Liar! Uncover the Truth – Liar #3

So I decided to start a walkthrough for this game, since it was a new experience, considering it’s from Voltage Inc! There’s probably heaps of these walkthroughs already, but I felt like making one for this blog as well, so here it is :3

The answers that have a ‘♥’ icon next to them indicate the correct answer!

Possible Liars for this Story:
1. Itaru Yuikawa
2. Sotaro Shiga
3. Kunio Muroi
4. Joe Yazawa

~Chapter 15: Cool Points Mission

You need at least 700 Cool Points to continue the story.

~Chapter 17: Investigation (Room Escape Style :D)

There are a total of two things you need to find here:
1. The drugged handkerchief lying on the floor.
2. Swipe right and tap on the gigantic portrait of Nanyami (gee someone is awfully into this skin-showing bi- ahem).

~Chapter 19: Investigation Part 2!

There are a total of six pieces of evidence you need to find here:
1. Tap on the rubbish bin to find a bloody gauze.
2. Tap the small piece of paper on the table, next to the computer with Nanyami as their desktop.
3. Swipe right and tap on the pamphlet on the drawer on the right.
4. Swipe right again and tap on the pair of slippers to zoom in, then tap on the slippers again.
5. Tap on the button lying on the floor next to the slippers. (PS. If you’re having trouble zooming back out, swipe in an outward direction from the center of your screen)
6. Swipe right again, and tap on the right side of the white wardrobes to open it. Tap on the pink dress.

~Chapter 20: Accusation Time!

Select “Joe Yazawa“.

Question: Why were you kidnapped?
A: Because I look like Nanyami. ♥
B: Because the kidnapper loves me.
C: For ransom money.

~Chapter 21: Throwing Evidence

Evidence #1: Select “Nanyami Publicity Still”.

~Chapter 22: Stabbing Him With More Evidence

Evidence #2: Select “Plaid Costume“.

Question: What are you gonna do?
A: Badmouth Nanyami
B: Ask Kunio
C: Try on the costume ♥

~Chapter 23: …Just Confess, Please – Evidence

Evidence #3: Select “Tight Dress“.
Evidence #4: Select “Memo with Strange Numbers“. HAH, now all the guys know her sizes :^)

~Chapter 24: Holy Cow, Finally It’s the Final Choice

A: This costume rocks!
B: This costume isn’t out yet! ♥
C: This costume smells like Joe!

Okay. Tbh I loved this story, because the creep actually humiliated in front of the others, PLUS the others all found out the MC’s measurements ohohoho~~

Otherwise, C-R-E-E-P. Gotta love how Voltage knows their ways around creeps. :’)
Enjoy the endings!





Liar! Uncover the Truth – Flirt Time Q&A Guide

This totally puts my flirting skills to the test :’) I think I suck tbh LOL

Please comment below if you know any of the answers, or have a question/answer that I haven’t written here yet. There’s heaps of them out there, so any help would be appreciated!

The answers that have a ‘♥’ icon next to them indicate the answer that gives you super cool!

Q: You’re dating a younger guy. He offers to pay the bill all by himself, but…?
A: Just let him do it.
B: Say you’ll pay because you’re older.
C: Tell him next time’s on you. ♥

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Liar! Uncover the Truth – Liar #1

So I decided to start a walkthrough for this game, since it was a new experience, considering it’s from Voltage Inc! There’s probably heaps of these walkthroughs already, but I felt like making one for this blog as well, so here it is :3

The answers that have a ‘♥’ icon next to them indicate the correct answer! (People familiar with my Mystic Messenger Guide will get the hang of this quick ;D)

Possible Liars for this Story:
1. Haruichi Mamiya
2. Shuto Matsuki

~Chapter 11: Collect the Evidence!

To get Evidence #1:
1. Tap on Shuto’s profile picture
2. Tap on his profile
3. Take a photo of his family member names

To get Evidence #2:
1. Go to Shuto’s friend list
2. Tap on Michiko’s name
3. Look at the photo on her page
4. Take a photo of it (snap that photo ;3)

~Chapter 13: Accusation Time!

Select Shuto Matsuki.

~Chapter 14: Questioning

A: Michiko ♥
B: Asako
C: Kanako

~Chapter 15: Time to Throw the Evidence!

Evidence #1: Select “Shuto’s FindFriend Screen“.
Evidence #2: Select “Photo of Shuto’s Mother”

~Chapter 16: What’s Your Final Choice!?

A: The pose is the same as Shuto’s
B: Has the same habits as Shuto
C: Has the same clothes as Shuto ♥

Evidence #3: Select “Shuto’s Magazine Article” to finish the job off! ;D

… Okay I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting this AT ALL.

First impression? Ew. Ew. And more ew.
Even reading his Secret End did not change my perspective of him at all.
H.O.L.Y. Cow.

I do hope you enjoy the … endings and then throw him away, cause I’m so done with him orz