Cinderella Phenomenon – Rod Route

If I haven’t coloured any of the answers, it means you can select whichever one. I’ll be COLOURING & BOLDING the correct answers. Please do take note that they will change depending on which route I’m posting up.

If you only want tips for this route, DO NOT look below, and here’s a few tips:

  • In the beginning, NEVER question him about his curse. Later on you’ll get choices to do this. Try to be subtle.
  • Be nice to Emelaigne, and always help her whenever possible.

Chapter 1:

Go left
Go right

Ask all questions (or select “I have no more questions” if you’ve already done this before)

So this is how you truly feel?
… (if you can’t see the purple, this is the correct answer)

Throw the tray at him
Stay silent.

Chapter 2:

A/N: If you have played two routes already, you can select “Waltz” or “…I can break the curse on my own” in the two options below here.

…I can break the curse on my own.

…No, I do not need help.

Select Rod’s Route

Chapter 3:

Answer him.
Avoid the question.

Stay with Emelaigne.
Go outside.

Why do you want me out of the palace?
Why do you not want to break your curse?

Chapter 4:

Tell him off.
Stay silent.


Point out her mistake.
Give her the correct answers.

Chapter 5:

I am fine.
I am not.

Talk to him.
Stay with him.

You are not doing a very good job.
What do you mean by that?

Chapter 6:

Compliment him.
Thank him.

Tell him.
Do not tell him.

I am not here to judge you.
I am sure that I am a better dancer than you.

Chapter 7:

Tell him.
Do not tell him.

Explain the situation.
Dismiss the gossip.

Tell him off for his behavior.
Say nothing.

Chapter 8:

Plead with him.
Get angry at him.

Warn Rod.
Warn Emelaigne.

He is a friend.
… (if you can’t see the colour, this is the answer)

Chapter 9:

Ask him.
Confront him.

You don’t have to apologise.
I apologise as well.

Are you all right?
How was the wedding?

Good end!

Bad End:

Do the opposite of everything above.


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