*Update* Mystic Messenger Guide Now Released! (and still in the making…!)

If you want to skip my ramble, CTRL+F and type in Update. You’ll see the links to the guides🙂

Woahhh~ Who’s this cute girl who just appeared in Corinne’s blog!?

Jokes. I’m not cute… (´・_・`)

Just wanted to thank our lovely readers that have supported Corinne and this blog in my absence, and also let you all know that I’m back~

Sorry that I haven’t done anything for the blog for almost a year – I was kinda dying with overload of schoolwork and other deadly moments of my life. Despite the fact that I haven’t done anything for this blog yet… |−・;) I’ll be coming up with a guide-ish/walkthrough for the NEW- yes, new otome game that Cheritz has released for the mobile – the most anticipated mobile otome game – Mystic Messenger!! For iOS users, the game’s release date will be a little later, due to Apple’s processing & reviewing time (¬▂¬)… So rest in pieces, Corinne. Don’t die on me with the waiting time, okay? ♥

Anyway, regarding the walkthrough for Mystic Messenger, it’ll probably take forever to do. Since this is my first playthrough, I’m not going hardcore and restarting the app to check out every single answer and what they do. 

The way I’ll be distributing this walkthrough will pretty much go like this:

  • Distribution by days – for people who just want to look at it for reference. I’ll just post the answers that I chose personally for the conversations that occur on that day and give assumptions as to which one I believe will allocate hearts to the character of your choice.
  • Character routes – After I finish my first playthrough of the game, I’ll start being hardcore and restarting the app every time a conversation finishes so that I can find out what specific answers do, and which answers will lower hearts and so forth. If you want to know the order of which routes I will do – Jaehee, Yoosung, Zen, Jumin, 707. Pretty much I’m doing this from the least to most favoured (sorry, I’m just not into yuri lmao)
  • Emails regarding the party guests – I’ll post the answers I chose, indicate if they are correct or not, etc.
  • Emails regarding characters – This will be difficult since I’ll probably miss some LMAO. I would appreciate it if I could actually get some help from any of our readers regarding emailing the characters~ (My account had so many problems so a lot of my stuff got erased …(-_-)ノシ )

I don’t really know if you would need a guide for phone calls, but just in case, I’ve written down all my answers for phone calls as well.

Alright I think I’ve said enough for my first post LOL. Thanks again for the support you’ve given this blog guys! I’ll keep you guys updated ~

Here’s the game for you, if you haven’t gotten it yet.



Now I have some Mystic Messenger guides for everyone who needs a little help🙂 Just click any of the links below:

Character Routes


My route orders are all over the place – I’ll just be uploading whatever I have ‘ -‘😉



388 thoughts on “*Update* Mystic Messenger Guide Now Released! (and still in the making…!)

  1. Hi, I have a question i’m sorry if it’s stupid haha.
    Alright, so I just finished zen’s route with a good ending (my first route) and I want to go for the bad endings now. Also, I have day 5 saved so if I just load to day 5, will I lose everything in zen’s route along with the pictures or can I just load it without a problem?


  2. Hiiiii um this may or may not have been asked before but if you purchase a day worth of chats with hourglasses, do you miss the calls? I kinda wanna finish the final(707) route before exams but tbh Cute Phone Calls>Exams xD


  3. Hayooo~
    So I just ended Zen route and I went straight to the deep story but I was answering the questions to get Seven’s route but I kinda regretted that and now I want to reset it. If a reset the game do I loose everything? Like the photos, etc?


  4. Hello~
    I just started playing this game yesterday. I’ve finished the day 1 yesterday so today must be day two. But when i open the app, it stucks in day 1. What should i do? ;-;


    • Hello. Make sure that you’ve read all the chatrooms thst you haven’t entered (the ones that you missed). If you have done this and the same thing is happening, you should probably contact Cheritz (game dev). That’s all! I hope I could help.


  5. hello. i wanna ask something. so i’ve spent 5 hourglasses so i can participate in the conversations that i missed. but i still can’t see the conversation. can u tell my why and how to participate in it?


    • When you go to the missed chatroom, there’s an hourglass next to it, where you can spend 5 hourglasses to unlock the chat to participate in it. So if you unlock it, the screen should load again and the chatroom should be open for you to read, so that you only have to tap on it to enter.
      If it’s not possible, you have to check, if you’ve read any other chatrooms before or else that one chatroom stays grey.
      Should there still be this problem, then it might also be a bug, which you have to contact Cheritz about.


  6. Hy, I have a problem and i’m wondering if you can help. I accidentally made another.. Guest account, And i’m wondering how i logout/get on my other account. Please help. ;-;


    • Go to settings (you can see it in the menu and in-game). You’ll see that there are four options (account, push, sound and profile). Tap ‘account’ and you’ll see the log out button there.


  7. Hello
    I’ve just finished my first route with a good ending and go for the after ending so i want to start with the next one and it just happen to be that it start with day 4 which i missed all the chat from day 1 to 3 and i cannot continue it unless i participate with all the chatroom from day 1 to 3 by using hourglass. What should i do? And next i want to ask how the save/load work? How to save? I think i never seen any save button before.


    • Well if u still need this… To find the save button, first click the setting icon, the one that comes after the members’ profile icons. It will redirect u to a page with your profile picture, with save and load button below it🙂


  8. Hi. Um can someone help please? How do I answer the calls from the characters? I know it’s a stupid question but I don’t get it. I tried tapping and/or swiping the green answer button but it didn’t do anything. Thank you.


    • Actually it should connect, when you’re tapping the green symbol, when a character calls you.
      If it doesn’t, try contacting Cheritz because this might be a bug or your connection is not stable enough.


  9. I can’t click on the Chatrooms for some reason on the 10th and 11th day. The Chatrooms are grey and I’ve had to pay 5HG to participate in the conversation but it didn’t work. Is there any reason why? Do I have to start the game over?


    • You have to enter all the chatrooms of the 10th day in order to enter the chats of 11th day.
      Have you read all the chats before day 10? Or else day 10 won’t be open for you as well.
      Do you have enough hourglasses? If you missed two days of chats, it’ll cost you quite a lot of HG, so make sure you’ve got enough.


  10. hi! there’s a question… So we need hourglasses to unlock after endings and secret endings etc etc right? So what if I ended a route, but I dont have enough HGS to unlock them? Can I still collect HGS after a route, and how? Sorry if this is confusing ;;;;


    • You can only collect hourglasses, if you start a new game. So if you haven’t enough hourglasses to unlock deep mode, either buy HG or start a new game in casual mode to collect enough HG.
      I know it’s hard to earn hourglasses, that’s why concentrate on earning lots of hearts from the characters in order to trade them with HG later.
      On a side note, I don’t know if you already know: If you click onto story mode of a guest in the character, you can also earn an hourglass, but only once.


  11. Hi ! I have updated my MysticMessenger and when I was entering chat room today , I found out that the chat room is not available (I need to use hourglass) even though the next chat room haven’t appeared??
    Is it because of updates??if it is can I know how long do I have before the chat room go unavailable.thank you


  12. Hi. I just finished days 1 – 4 although I missed 2 chats in day 4. I’m supposedly on day 5 but there’s no continue button or day 5 chats aren’t appearing. The today arrow still points to day 4, but I already finished the visual novel mode in day 4. I don’t know whay to do anymore. Should I finish those 2 missed chats first in 4th day? I hope you can help me T-T


    • Sorry I’m really late, I’m sure you’ve solved your problem by now.

      If you’ve already read the last visual novel mode in Day 4, you can’t go back to do the chats that you’ve missed, since in order to continue in the first place, you’d have to have already opened them. If there’s no continue button, I would suggest to just wait until the first chat time should appear on Day 5 to see if it does appear, and if it doesn’t, to double-check everything in Day 4 has been done.

      If you absolutely have no idea, send an email to Cheritz’s support team ; u; Sorry I’m a useless butt.


  13. Hello. I’m on day 10 going on day 11 Yoosung route. This is my first time play and and i want to know if after the game ends if it will just reset and i will lose all my stuff (calls, texts, chatrooms) i’m really scared. I don’t want my progress to be erased to start another route.


    • Nope, it won’t be erased. You’ll be able to access the call history and stuff like that in the extras section afterwards.

      The hourglasses/hearts that you gain throughout that timeline will also not be erased, because it’s part of your account, not just that one route you did. ^^


  14. hello. i had just finished the casual story and now i’m on the deep story. If i start over the game on the settings, am i going to lost the casual story and the deep story? i just want to start over the deep story.. what should i do? i’m so confused rn;;;


  15. I’ve exchanged hourglasses to replay a chatroom, but something happened I and it didn’t work! The chat room is grey without the teel border and I can’t click and participate in it! I currently can’t progress in the story and im missing out on a lot of chat rooms, how can I fix this?


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